Proof of Stake Masternode Mining

The easiest way to start receiving rewards from your cryptocurrency.

What is a

A masternode is an important component of a proof of stake crypto-currency.

Masternodes run on dedicated servers that enable instant transactions and trust-less anonymization of user funds, among other functions and features.

They require a fixed amount of coins to be locked up as collateral. Users running masternodes get rewarded a portion of the mining rewards in exchange for helping secure the network.

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Users that want to purchase a masternode but don't have the technical knowledge or collateral can purchase a portion of a masternode and start receiving mining rewards immediately.

Our users keep 85% of their mining profit minus hosting costs. SharedNodes collects 15% as a service fee.

How It Works?

Create an account on the Sharednodes platform.
Purchase portions in a masternode using Bitcoin.
Start earning staking rewards immediately.

Ways to enjoy the benefits of your mining rewards

Withdraw to personal wallet

Withdraw staking rewards directly to your personal crypto-wallet.

Exchange for Bitcoin

Exchange staking rewards into Bitcoin with no restrictions.

Setting The Standard For Masternodes

  • Wide Selection
  • Competitive Fees
  • 99% Up-time
  • See mining rewards in real time
  • On-Site Maintenance
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Buy / Sell

Rewards Calculator

Length of Time


The ROI calculator is a proprietary tool created by Sharednodes. It is still in beta mode. It uses live data pulled from the Masternodes we already manage and gets better over time as we receive more and more payouts. Since it is in beta mode and incorporates our service fee in its approximations, it may not be accurate. Please compare with other resources such as before making any purchases.

Calculate your Mining rewards

Our calculator uses current data to predict the rewards from your masternode portions.

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